Preface: A Message from Conference Chair

Mursyid Hasan Basri

Dr., S.T., M.T.

(The 3rd ICTOM Conference Chair)


Operations and Performance Management (OPM) Interest Group
School of Business and Management (SBM)
Institut Teknologi Bandung


The world needs to reduce its dependency on fossil fuel (non-renewable energy) as it is fast depleting and due to the harmful impact to the environment – most notably ‘Climate Change’. Therefore, Green Technology now becomes an even greater significance. We expect that academic scientists, leading engineers, industry researchers and scholar students would exchange and share their experiences and discuss research results on how we can survive and sustain in the future with green technology. The issues are not only about developing technologies, but also how to manage them properly in order to gain maximum benefit for the societies.

This volume contains papers accepted to The 3rd International Conference on Technology and Operations Management (ICTOM 2012) which themed Sustaining Competitiveness through Green Technology Management. The conference was held in East Hall – ITB and SBM-ITB (School of Business and Management – ITB) on July 4-6, 2012.

Nowadays, the entire world is experiencing very complex and chaotic economic situations. Despite the global economic slowdown, it is very encouraging for us to receive over than one hundred submissions from various countries, and accept less than three-fourth submitted papers written by one hundred forty-eight authors for oral presentation to share their knowledges. We are also very grateful for the acceptance of keynote speakerships by well-known senior researchers and international as well as regional practicioners in Technology and Operations Management discipline specifically in Green Technology Management area.

ICTOM 2012 was organized by SBM-ITB, especially Operations and Performance Management (OPM) Interest Group. This conference shows our third collaboration with the esteemed College of Business – Universiti Utara Malaysia. We have been successfully organized the previous conferences at West Hall ITB in 2006 and at Langkawi, Malaysia in 2010.

We hope that this 3rd scientific meeting forum could contribute to introduce and promote Technology and Operations Management especially in Indonesia, to open the way for possible collaboration between local and international academicians and practitioners to promote ITB, in particular SBM-ITB, as a world class university and as the leading higher institution in the field of technology and operations management.

On this occasion, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped in organizing this international conference and the preparation of proceedings. We also apologize for any shortcomings, both in the organizing of the conference and in the preparation of conference proceedings.

We look forward for your continuing supports and active participations in the next International Conference on Technology and Operations Management.